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Shiloh Church History

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was founded in the year of our Lord December 23, 1956 in a storefront building at 1624 East 25th Avenue, Denver, CO under the leadership of Rev. Joseph C. Jones.  Shiloh was recognized by the Churches of the City on the 2nd Sunday of February, 1957. 


Shiloh was built on a foundation of Jesus Christ beginning with a total of seven members,  they were Rev. J. C. Jones his wife Esther, their two children Jalinda and Eddie, Mr. & Mrs. William Bradley, and Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Hall.


The following people were the first to serve in these church capacities.

  • The Rev. Andrew Bender was the first Men’s Day speaker.

  • Brother Leroy Hall and Brother William Bradley were the first Deacons.

  • Rev. Robert Frazier was an Associate Minister and also Director of B.T.U.,

  • Sis. V. Johnson organized the Youth

  • Sis. Esther Jones was the pianist.


The first candidate for Baptism was Miss Reese, Mother Alberta Woods organized the first Pastor Aid Society and she was also the first Deaconess. Sis. Nell Jones organized the first Usher Board; the First Women’s Day speaker was Sis. Lillie Walker.  The Rev. Emmitt Stewart presided over the First Church Revival.


The First sermon Rev. Joseph C. Jones preached was entitled  “Lo I Am With You Always”…Matthew 28:20.  Pastor Jones firmly believed that, if he kept the faith God would lead him to teach and preach and spread the word of God’s trut.The Rev. Joseph C. Jones was Pastor of Shiloh for nine & half years where his flock increased abundantly with faithful workers and multiple ministries working for the Shiloh’s growth was indeed fruitful.  


The Rev. Joseph C. Jones resigned, August 28 1966, he preached his farewell message on the night of August 28, 1966…”Be Satisfied”…1 Timothy 6:78, Philippians 4:1.  Rev. Jones accepted the calling to a church in Monroe, Michigan.


Our beloved W. C. Jones accepted the position of becoming our Past of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on August 29, 1966.  Pastor Jones has inspired us to keep progressing to the next spiritual level he has brought Shiloh and its members a mighty long ways in 49 years.  


We the members can look back from where we came from. There are still a few around who remember the Store Front church where we preached, lifted our voices, and lifted our praises to the.  Through diligent works, prayers and strength of our Pastor, we were able to move on his vision to a new location.  We walked together praising the Lord from our old location to the new location of 3301 Leyden Street on May 18, 1969…remembering where we came from should not bring back bad memories because God has been good to us.  We look back and remember some members who have moved out of town and some who changed memberships. We have also lost many good warriors who have gone to their final rewards in paradise, “For they have fought the good fight, they have finished the race, and the kept the Faith”…2 Timothy 4:7.


Pastor Jones teaches Shiloh’s believers to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, learning and living his Holy Word modeling our life after Jesus Christ and having a purpose for his mission in our lives.  In Rev. Willie C. Jones we have a remarkable extraordinary spiritual leader, a teacher and a friend. Black Pastors and Black churches have struggled to achieve rights to gather in worship. True civil rights were a vision of hope and a dream.


Today we have modernized our church with central heat and air; we have become relaxed in our worship and in our giving toward God. Our service should be an expression of sincere praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in thankfulness and Our Pastor, Officers and members of this progressive church continue to work for the Glory of God. We are thankful for those who have paved the way to make possible the privileges we have today. We are striving and praying that we too will leave such a heritage for future generations, so that they too will remember and pass on the rich history of Shiloh.


We are excited about how Shiloh has grown and is still in the process of growing. As you walk into the foyer, you can see a picture of our plans for the future Shiloh. He has given us the means to not only have a larger sanctuary but a special entrance for our disabled and older members. There will be classrooms to extend our reach to further educate our community through the teaching of God’s Word.


In conclusion let us not forget our members who have passed on and the Spiritual leaders who have fed us with the word. They have left us a rich and powerful legacy.  We must never forget the enormous sacrifices and struggle that they endured. We must always look to the hills from which our help comes and with the help of the Lord we can carry on as they did. Remember we are all apart of Shiloh’s history, the past, Present and Future.


Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is the Friendly Church with a Bible Centered Ministry.

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