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Church Leadership

The Reverend Willie C Jones is the Pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  He assigned Deacons to assist in the support of the congregation through Family Groups (FG) as follows:

Deacon Ben Davis

FG1:   (A-B) Abraham-Broussard

Deacon Danny Geter

 FG4: (C-F) Copeland-Flanagan

 Deacon Nathaniel Askins

FG2: (B-C) Brown-Cherry

Deacon Michael Johnson

FG5: (F-G) Fleming-Hamilton 

Deacon Bill Ausler

FG3:     (C-C) Chew-Cooper

Deacon Jeffrey McWhorter 

FG6:  (H-J) Hammons-Johnson

Deacon Ellis Palmer 

FG7: (J-L) Jones-Lancaster

Deacon Maurice Sampson

 FG10: (M-P) Meyers-Patton

 Deacon George Parrish

FG8: (L-M) Lanier-May

Deacon Adrian Spruell

FG11: (P-P) Payne-Pittman 

Deacon Luther Pleasant

FG9: (M-M) Mayfield-McWhorter

Deacon Frank Tisby

FG12: (P-R) Pleasant-Ryan

Deacon Donald Ward

FG13: (S-T) Sampson-Temple

Deacon Raymond Ware

 FG16: (W-Z) Washington-Ziegler

 Deacon Larry Taylor

FG14: (S-S) Scott-Stephens

Deacon Lemuel Williams

FG15: (T-W) Terry-Ware

Members should feel free to contact their Family Deacon with questions or concerns. Phone numbers are available from the office 303-322-5983.

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